Do you have a special needs child and would like to provide them with the same care as someone who has CNA certification? Or perhaps you are an adult child of an elderly parent and want to be their primary caregiver? If so, then our hybrid CNA program might be exactly what you’re looking for.

What are the advantages of being a caregiver for someone in your household? Here are the primary reasons that people end up taking our CNA hybrid course for parents and get their CNA certification.

Nurses Can Be Prohibitively Expensive

If you have a loved one in need of full-time care, we don’t have to tell you that medical care can be expensive. That’s not just the case when you’re at the hospital but also when you’re at home and having someone take care of them for eight or more hours a day. Paying for 24-hour care is an impossibility for most families, especially if insurance or government assistance isn’t covering it.

The answer for many people is to become the primary caregiver themselves by getting their CNA certification. By doing so, the amount of home care that has to be paid for is greatly reduced. Even if someone works a full-time job, the amount of care they have to pay for is cut by a third (for example, only hiring a nurse from 8-4) because they are now able to provide the care instead of having someone in for the entire day.

Who Better To Care For Them?

Nurses tend to be kind, loving people who will do their best to provide quality care for your loved one. But as loving as they are, they can never show your homebound loved one as much care as you will be able to. If you’re the type of person who believes that they are the best one to take care of someone else in your life, then getting CNA certification could allow you to be the primary caregiver.

But what about working and making money? Well…

You Might Receive Compensation

If you get your CNA certification, did you know that you could actually receive compensation for being the caregiver of a child with special needs? While there are quite a few hoops to jump through, most parents find it more than worth it in order to stay home with their child and provide the same care as any other CNA would. Click here to visit Colorado’s Department of Public Health & Environment and learn more.

Are Your Considering CNA Programs?

If you’ve seen a nurse or CNA performing particular tasks for your loved one and thought “I could do that,” then maybe you’re ready to become the primary caregiver. It could end up saving you money, and you might even be paid to be the one to provide day-long care to the person in your care.

Are you ready to seek CNA training, obtaining skills that can help those both inside and outside your home? If so, we hope you’ll click here to learn more about our parent online CNA classes in Colorado!