In our most recent blog, we detailed three real advantages that parents realize when they get their CNA certification. First of all, taking care of a child at home is one way to avoid having a nurse around at all times, and parents can also get paid by the state of Colorado to be their child’s caregiver. We also talked about how, for many parents, it just makes sense for them to get their CNA training and be the one to help their child; who can show more love than a parent?

If you’ve decided that you might want to pursue your CNA certification, you’re probably wondering what it takes. At Northern Colorado Training Institute, we have a special hybrid CNA training program that’s specifically tailored for parents who are interested in providing care for their own child. (It’s also an excellent option for adult children who want to take care of their aging parents.) How is it tailored to those who want to become caregivers to someone they live with? Because part of it involves online CNA classes, allowing those seeking CNA training to work at their own pace. Let’s take a look at the three distinct parts of this CNA certification program over the 84-hours of training.

Online CNA Classes In Colorado

The first step is the theory portion of the program and tends to take around 40 hours. This section is done entirely online. The theory section consists of reading the CNA textbook, completing the workbook, participating in discussions, and passing quizzes.

CNA In A Classroom Setting

After the theory portion comes the part of training where you learn the skills needed in order to become a CNA. This takes 28 hours of in-class training, made up of basic hands-on nursing skills such as nutrition, toileting, taking vitals, hygiene, and much more.

CNA Clinical Setting

While your final goal might be to only take care of one person in your household , you still need to show the same proficiency as someone who will be going to work in a hospital or nursing home. This means working in a clinical setting and working hands-on with individuals who are under the care of a registered nurse or certified nursing assistant. This final stage of training consists of two 8-hour shifts at a facility that is approved by NCTI.

CNA Test and Placement

After training, you’ll still need to get CNA certified in Colorado. This means taking a test that will ensure you have attained the necessary skills to be certified as a certified nursing assistant. Once you have passed the test, you will need to get hired by a health care agency that hires parents as CNAs. Click here to learn more.

Are You Ready To Start Your CNA Training?

If so, NCTI is ready to help you get the best training so that you can properly care for your loved one at home. Click here to learn more about our parent CNA program!