The need for certified nursing assistants (CNAs) keeps going up and up. While that’s partially because some CNAs will move on to other jobs or move up into nursing positions, it’s primarily because the demand for nursing assistants keeps increasing. As we discuss in this blog, people who have CNA training are needed more than ever due to a variety of reasons. These reasons include the general population growth, aging Baby Boomers, and the fact that people are living longer. All of these come together to create more job postings on job boards for those with CNA certification.

But where are all of these CNAs working? Good question. Here are the most common places you’ll end up finding certified nursing assistants, whether you’re living in Colorado or anywhere else in the country.

Nursing Homes / Assisted Living Facilities

Let’s start off with what is probably the most common place you’ll find CNAs: elder care. As we mentioned earlier, an aging population of Baby Boomers means that more and more people who have been through a CNA program and gotten their certification are needed to take care of them all. With people living longer — which is due to vaccines, survivable diseases that used to be death sentences, and overall better health — they’re moving into every level of elder care. This includes assisted living and nursing homes, both of which need certified nursing assistants.

In fact, it’s unlikely that most nursing homes could even operate without the help of CNAs. With a nursing shortage in effect, there wouldn’t be enough nurses to take care of nursing home residents if CNAs disappeared tomorrow. The cost of elder care would also skyrocket, as more (expensive) nurses would have to be hired in order to do the basic care needs that (less expensive) certified nursing assistants perform.


When most people think of nurses, they think of hospitals. No doubt that’s where many nurses work, and therefore is also a place you’ll discover many people with CNA training.

Certified nursing assistants who work in hospitals will lead somewhat different lives than those working in elder care. Both will help patients with the basics, such as dressing, bathing, and toileting. But CNAs working in hospitals are more likely to have monitoring and taking vitals as part of their daily routine. (Elder care CNA will perform monitoring, but probably not as much.) Hospital CNAs will also see a greater rotation of patients, while those in nursing homes are more likely to make friends of their residents for years at a time.

Private Doctor’s Offices

Another place you’ll find nurses is in private doctor’s offices, and you might even find CNAs. It really depends on the type of doctor and how much they need an extra set of hands. If they can get away with having one nurse and one CNA instead of two nurses, that’s probably what will happen. But if the level of duties requires nurses only, you might not find a CNA at a private office.

In-Home Patient Care

Another place you’ll find those with CNA training is in the houses and apartments of home-bound individuals. Full-time nursing care (and even part-time nursing care) is prohibitively expensive for many people, especially if they’re not getting any sort of government help with expenses.

Certified nursing assistants make an excellent option for an elderly person — or one who is homebound for some reason — who needs someone to help get them through certain parts of their day. Perhaps they need help with basic life needs, or meal prep, or having their vitals taken. A CNA can do all of that at a price that people on a fixed income can afford.

Their Own Home

A growing trend sees more people getting CNA certification so that they can help someone in their own home. As we discussed in this blog, it’s becoming more common for a parent to get CNA training so that they can take care of a special needs child or an elderly parent. In the case of taking care of a child, the parent can actually receive compensation from Colorado’s Department of Public Health & Environment.

Becoming a CNA to take care of a loved one is simply the best and most obvious choice for some parents. Not only can they show love to the person in their home better than anyone else, but it can often reduce the great expense of hiring a nurse (or even an outside CNA). Click here to learn more about the CNA parent program.

Are You Ready For CNA Training?

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