You’ve probably heard about the crisis in healthcare workers nationwide. There was a shortage in healthcare workers before COVID-19. However, the pandemic caused many nurses to retire prematurely from burnout due to the overwhelming demands placed on them. Northern Colorado Training Institute offers CNA (Certified Nursing Assistant) courses in Loveland. Below, we’ll take a look at the nursing shortage in Colorado. Enroll in a CNA course today!

Older nurse or doctor helping a senior

Older Nurses Make Up a Large Percentage of Colorado’s Nurses & Nursing Teaching Staff

According to the Colorado Center for Nursing Excellence, 32% of Colorado’s nurses are over the age of 55. This means that in just a few years, these nurses will be retiring, leaving a large gap that will need to be filled by younger nurses. In addition, those teaching nurses tend to be older nurses. In fact, 42% of those teaching at nursing schools are over the age of 55.  As these nursing teachers retire, it’s becoming harder to replace them.

Two Young Adult Professional Female Doctors or Nuses Talking Outside.

Lack of Nursing Students 

When you take into consideration the number of nurses Colorado needs to attend to its growing population plus the number of nurses Colorado needs to replace the retiring nurses, there is a shortage. There is a severe lack of interest in Americans going into the healthcare field in general. 

Nurse using stethoscope on a globe sitting at a table against white background

Growth of Travel Nursing

The growth of travel nursing has affected regular healthcare facilities, including hospitals and long-term care facilities. Travel nurses are compensated extremely well due to the high demand of traveling and getting acclimated to new places. This high compensation has drawn many nurses away from permanent positions in Colorado healthcare facilities.

Stressed nurse

Lack of Incentive to Become Nurses

Many nurses for years have been complaining of low pay and lack of flexibility for family time. This has led many to seek other professions, such as work from home opportunities, that have a more balanced work/life lifestyle. 



Northern Colorado Training Institute offers flexible CNA courses for those looking to get a foot in the door for a healthcare career, including a hybrid/online CNA course. Many people become CNAs as their first step to nursing school, as it gives you a great foundation for a nursing career.  You can help solve the nursing shortage in Colorado. To start your nursing career, contact us today!